Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Do I Need to Bring my Chippy Tools?

If you're not sure what to do about tools when coming over to the UK it's worth comparing the price of buying a full set of new carpentry tools when you get here against how much it'll cost to ship them over.

We usually recommend you bring over your drill if you have space in your luggage and then buying the rest here.

When it's time to go back home, Construct will help you in selling these tools on - with 100% of the sale value going to you!

Buying a Brand New Set

We've put together this list of what you'll need as a carpenter working for us and listed their price on Screwfix (the UK's largest supplier of Trade Tools) -

Remember, if you're not working for us you might also need to have your own power tools

Buying 2nd Hand Tools

With a steady flow of Construct chippies heading back to Aus / NZ, there's a chance we can hook you up with some 2nd hand tools. This will be cheaper than buying them brand new but you might need to top up a few items.

Bringing Tools Over

If you're bringing over all of the tools we've listed, we're guessing you'll be paying at least GBP ??? to ship them from Aus / NZ.

Also remember that the 110V system (i.e. tools plugged into a yellow transformer) are not used in the UK. Site power is standard 240 volts.