Tuesday, 9 February 2016

How to get a CSCS Card with an Overseas Qualification

If you have a construction related qualification that was awarded outside the UK and is not currently recognised by CSCS you need to use UK NARIC to review your qualification and determine whether it is comparable to an NVQ, SVQ or other qualification appropriate to your occupation and the CSCS card you wish to apply for.

You can find out more about this process here: Mapping Across Your Overseas Qualification to a UK Equivalent
Once UK NARIC confirms that your qualification is an acceptable alternative to a UK awarded qualification you should email the following to customerservice@cscs.gb.com:
  • UK NARIC certificate and letter
  • Your CV detailing your full work history
  • Copy of your original qualification (preferably translated)
  • Job title and description of the work you currently carry out on site
  • Fully completed CSCS application form
Once this information is received CSCS will review your application and if all the documents are correct will send your CSCS card to the address you have provided.

NOTE: if you're coming over from Aussie / NZ you'll save around $20 to get your tickets mapped over with NARIC before you get to the UK as you'll save on VAT.