Friday, 20 November 2015

UK Construction Market Update - October

The ONS have released their Output in the Construction Industry September and Q3 2015 figures, showing that in Q3 2015, output was estimated to have decreased by 2.2% compared with Q2 2015 and between Q3 2015 and Q3 2014 estimated output decreased by 0.1%.

In September 2015 estimated construction output decreased by 0.2% compared with August 2015 due to a fall in all new work of 2.4%, offset by an increase in repair and maintenance of 3.8%

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Mapping Your Overseas Qualification to a UK Equivalent

If you are looking to get a CSCS Blue Skilled card for Carpentry or most other building trades, you will need to use UK NARIC to map across your Australian / New Zealand trade qualification to a UK Equivalent.

The UK NARIC Statement of Comparability is a document that can be used to guide universities, colleges, employers and professional bodies on how your qualifications from back home relate to UK qualifications and certificates.

It is not a compulsory document, but is specifically requested by CSCS, and in general, the document can be of great help when applying for work or study in the UK.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Winners of our RWC Competition

This years we gave all Rugby World Cup prediction gurus three chances to win RWC jerseys by winning out SuperBru league. The winners were...

In 1st place... Jamahl Beri (pictured right)

In 2nd place... Dan Fraser

In 3rd place... Chris Scarlett

Well done to everyone that took part, we hope you had fun!