Thursday, 10 July 2014

Questions to NOT Ask in a Job Interview

After listing the Best Questions to Ask in a Job Interview, it's only fair we cover some questions you should definitely NOT ask in an interview.

Here are a few examples:
  • What is the deal on holidays?
  • How long is the lunch break?
  • Can I see the break room?
  • Can I bring my dog to work?
  • Will I have to take a drug test?
  • Does this company monitor internet usage?
  • How late can I be to work without getting fired?
  • How many sick days can employees take in a year?
  • How many warnings do you get before you are fired?
We're not saying some of these questions aren't valid or important, just that there's a time and place to bring them up and you have to consider what kind of impression they could leave the interviewer with.

If you feel like you have to ask a question like one of the above, make sure you explain why you're asking it to avoid giving off the wrong idea!