Monday, 23 June 2014

How to Survive A Festival

With 2 of our office team and plenty more of you heading off to Glastonbury this weekend, here's our definitive list of what to take to survive a festival.

  • Loo Roll: Take twice as much as you think you need. Trust us on this one.
  • Tent & Sleeping Bag: Don’t get too attached to these - they'll return home covered in graffiti and smelling of other people’s wee.
  • Pain killers: Necessary every morning to ensure you can actually get up and see some bands after a bit too much illegal substance experimentation the night before. Not that you’d do that.
  • Wet wipes: These are you showers in a small, portable bag. Medicated ones will come in handy for keeping your hands clean too.
  • Wellies a.k.a. Gum Boots: If you take them, it’ll be sunny. If you don’t, it’ll chuck it down and you’ll be living in mud for a weekend. It's England after all.
  • Deodorant: Because you won’t shower.
  • Fancy Dress: So you don't end up spending £15 on a neon jester's hat once you’re there.
  • Mac in a sack: Folds up small. Obviously, it won’t rain if you bring one.
  • Glow sticks: For drunken moshing. Warning: Do not break open and apply to skin, as this hurts... A lot!
  • Flag: To mark out your camp in a sea of dark green tents.
  • Sunscreen: Slim chances you need it but not worth taking the risk.
  • Torch: To avoid breaking your leg tripping over someone else’s guy rope at 3am.
  • Toothpaste: You might pull... despite smelling like a dead sheep.
  • Spare Pants: See above.
  • Bin Bags: incredibly useful for rubbish, storing dirty clothes, fixing holes in your tent etc
  • String: Just because Bear Grylls would.

Hope that helps and enjoy!