Monday, 11 November 2013

One Thing You Must do in a Job Interview

Turn up!!

Just kidding! But that would be a good start! Actually it's how you end the interview that this vital tip comes into play.

Most people think your answers to an interviewer's questions are the most important part of a job interview, but as we highlighted in our post on Common Non-Verbal Mistakes there's a lot more to consider.

Of course your answers are key, but even if that's gone pretty badly, you have one last opportunity to get back in the game - when you're given the chance to ask an interviewer your questions. And it goes both ways - if your interview's gone well and you're clearly a good match for the job, by asking no questions, what does that say about you?

As an interviewer, when you say you have no questions or that I've covered it all, no matter how well your interview has gone so far - I start hearing alarm bells. Why? Simple - By not asking questions, I start thinking that you're not really interested in learning more, in creating value, and in our company.

But asking any question isn't enough - it has to be a great question. If you ask a question the interviewer's already covered, that's clearly not going to make a good impression.

This is your best and last chance to show you have a passion, interest and curiosity about our company and the role - so don't waste it!