Saturday, 31 August 2013

Weird and Wacky Hangover Cures

After a Friday night like that... you might be willing to try anything to cure the stinking hangover you've inherited, so we've collected a list of the 5 weirdest hangover cures for you to attempt in only the most desperate of times.

Cock-a-doodle-Chew - Sicily
Simply gnaw on a dried bull's penis until it's not last night's alcohol that's making you feel sick. Maybe that's what that 50 Cent track was all about...

Hop Plop Tea - USA
This must be why you can never get a decent cuppa in America! In the wild west days, hungover cowboys would drink a fine blend of "tea" made from hot water and rabbit droppings.

Lemony Fresh - Puerto Rico
Before you start drinking, rub a slice of lemon / lime into the armpit of your drinking arm (that probably means both armpits for the majority of you). I don't know if you're then meant to eat the lemon or that's it but you never, this could be the next Lynx effect!

Bloodier Mary - Mongolia
Taking the classic Bloody Mary as step further, this potent cocktail consists of tomato juice and sheeps' eyeballs. Pickled not stirred, obviously.

Birds of a Fry Up - Ancient Rome
Saving the best for last, the Romans used to chomp down a deep-fried canary. Crunchy and fluffy all at the same time!

We're such a helpful bunch I know, just remember to drink responsibly!