Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The Top 10 Reasons People Hate Their Job

"How's work?" "It's alright."

Ever heard (or said) that? That usually translates to "work sucks, but it's money"! You might also have come across "I hate my job", "I hate my boss" or "I hate the company" - not everyone bothers with the niceties!

According to a recent survey by, nearly 70% of people are completely miserable at work and 1 in 2 think about quitting their jobs on a daily basis. Here are the top 10 reasons why people hate their job:

  1. They think the grass is greener someplace else
  2. Their values don’t align with the company
  3. They don’t feel valued
  4. Job insecurity
  5. There’s no opportunity for progression
  6. They’re unhappy with their pay
  7. There’s too much red tape
  8. They’re not being challenged
  9. The passion’s gone
  10. Their boss sucks
Sound familiar? Maybe it's time to get proactive!

A couple of pretty obvious tips from us:
  • Is there a quick fix? For example, have you actually asked for a pay or performance review?
  • The job market is still tough out there so if you're considering leaving your job, start now and keep at it!
  • Keep your current boss sweet - your next employers are going to want to speak to them for a reference.
  • If you can, take on more responsibilities before you leave - it means you can chunk up your CV a bit but there's also a slim chance you might stumble upon something you actually enjoy.