Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Cockney Rhyming Slang

Adam and Eve= Believe
Apples and Pears= Stairs
Ayrton (Senna)= Tenner (£10 note)
Bacon (and eggs)= Legs
Barnet (Fair)= Hair
Bees (and Honey)= Money
Berk (...ley Hunt)= C***
Bird and Time= Time
Boat (Race)= Face
Borassic (Lint)= Skint
Bristol (Cities)= T******
Brown Bread= Dead
Bubble (Bath)= Laugh
Bull and Cow= Row (argument)
Butcher's (Hook)= Look
China (Plate)= Mate
Cobbler's (Awls)= Balls
(Cream) Crackered= Knackered (tired)
Crust (of Bread)= Head
Current Bun= Sun (newspaper)
Daisy Roots= Boots
Deep Sea Diver= Fiver (£5 note)
Desmond (Tutu)= 2:2 (degree)
Dickie (Bird)= Word
Dog and Bone= Phone
Donkey's (Ears)= Years
Elephant's (Trunk)= Drunk
Frog and Toad= Road
Ginger (Beer)= Queer
Gregory (Peck)= Neck
Half Inch= Pinch (steal)
Hampstead (Heath) = Teeth
Hampton (Wick)= Prick / D***
Hank Marvin= Starving
(J) Arthur (Rank)= W***
Khyber (Pass)= Arse
(La-di-da)= Cigar
Loaf (of Bread)= Head
(Mince Pies)= Eyes
(Mutt 'n' Jeff)= Deaf
North and South= Mouth
Jack (Jones)= Alone
Pat (Malone)= Alone
Tod (Sloan)= Alone
Orsen (Horse and Cart)= Fart
Oxford Scholar= Dollar
Pen and Ink= Stink
Gone Pete Tong= Gone wrong
Plates (of Meat)= Feet
Porkies (Pork Pies)= Lies
Rabbit (and Pork)= Talk
Raspberry (Tart)= Fart
Richard (the Third)= Turd
Rosie (Lee)= Tea
Ruby (Murray)= Curry
Scarper (Scarpa Flow)= Go
Sexton (Blake)= Fake
Sunday (Roast)= Post
Syrup (of Figs)= Wig
'Taters (in the Mould)= Cold
Tea Leaf= Thief
Titfer (Tit-for-Tat)= Hat
Trouble and Strife= Wife
Uncle Bert= Shirt
Weasel (and Stoat)= Coat
Whistle and Flute= Suit