Friday, 31 May 2013

Race For Life 2013

Last November, the men of Construct got behind the Mo and almost effortlessly sported some epic flavour saving lip rugs to raise awareness and money for the fight against Cancer.

6 months later... it's time for Construct's ladies to show us what they're made of!

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Cockney Rhyming Slang

Adam and Eve= Believe
Apples and Pears= Stairs
Ayrton (Senna)= Tenner (£10 note)
Bacon (and eggs)= Legs
Barnet (Fair)= Hair
Bees (and Honey)= Money
Berk (...ley Hunt)= C***
Bird and Time= Time
Boat (Race)= Face
Borassic (Lint)= Skint
Bristol (Cities)= T******
Brown Bread= Dead
Bubble (Bath)= Laugh
Bull and Cow= Row (argument)
Butcher's (Hook)= Look
China (Plate)= Mate
Cobbler's (Awls)= Balls
(Cream) Crackered= Knackered (tired)
Crust (of Bread)= Head
Current Bun= Sun (newspaper)
Daisy Roots= Boots
Deep Sea Diver= Fiver (£5 note)
Desmond (Tutu)= 2:2 (degree)
Dickie (Bird)= Word
Dog and Bone= Phone
Donkey's (Ears)= Years
Elephant's (Trunk)= Drunk
Frog and Toad= Road
Ginger (Beer)= Queer
Gregory (Peck)= Neck
Half Inch= Pinch (steal)
Hampstead (Heath) = Teeth
Hampton (Wick)= Prick / D***
Hank Marvin= Starving
(J) Arthur (Rank)= W***
Khyber (Pass)= Arse
(La-di-da)= Cigar
Loaf (of Bread)= Head
(Mince Pies)= Eyes
(Mutt 'n' Jeff)= Deaf
North and South= Mouth
Jack (Jones)= Alone
Pat (Malone)= Alone
Tod (Sloan)= Alone
Orsen (Horse and Cart)= Fart
Oxford Scholar= Dollar
Pen and Ink= Stink
Gone Pete Tong= Gone wrong
Plates (of Meat)= Feet
Porkies (Pork Pies)= Lies
Rabbit (and Pork)= Talk
Raspberry (Tart)= Fart
Richard (the Third)= Turd
Rosie (Lee)= Tea
Ruby (Murray)= Curry
Scarper (Scarpa Flow)= Go
Sexton (Blake)= Fake
Sunday (Roast)= Post
Syrup (of Figs)= Wig
'Taters (in the Mould)= Cold
Tea Leaf= Thief
Titfer (Tit-for-Tat)= Hat
Trouble and Strife= Wife
Uncle Bert= Shirt
Weasel (and Stoat)= Coat
Whistle and Flute= Suit

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Construction CV Template

Click below for a free CV / resume template tailored for construction trades and labour candidates:

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

UK Construction PMI - April 2013

Hopes for a rebound in the UK construction industry were given a boost earlier this week when the PMI figures revealed that the sector almost returned to growth in April.

The index rose to 49.4 in April, up from 47.2 in March, now only marginally below the 50 level that separates growth from contraction.