Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Job Interview Tips - Common Non-Verbal Mistakes

Why do so many companies still insist on a face-to-face interview? They can already see if you've got the right qualifications and experience from your CV and if they're good, they can judge how confident, honest and likeable you are from a phone interview - so what's the need for that extra step?

Even if you've got through all those stages, you should think of the face-to-face interview as starting all over again. The first impression you give makes a huge impact with research showing that 33% of interviewers know if they would hire a person within the first 90 seconds! That's just enough time to walk into the room, greet your interviewers and shake hands.

Your most noticeable attributes here are non-verbal - the things you may not even be aware of doing. Things like what you're wearing, how you stand and the way you shake hands convey a lot to those around you.

This video highlights the most common non-verbal mistakes candidates make during job interviews: