Friday, 14 December 2012

Movember 2012 Winners

So after a month of growing, shaping and a fair bit of itching, we've finally come to the end of Movember and as promised, the time has come to generously reward some of the best Mo's amongst us.

It's been a tough job with so many of you working hard to change the face of men's health, but I think we're ready to reveal our winners! (Cue the drum roll)

The "Ultimate Mo"
Winner: Jade Melcum
Prize: A brand new iPad Mini
Sponsor: Bridgend Consulting Services
"Mo' Money, Mo' Problems"
(for raising over £150)

Winner: James Sheehy
Prize: A bottle of absolutely anything and some golfing goodies
Sponsor: HSBC
The "Manliest Mo"
(awarded to the hairiest Mo'fo)

Winner: Ryan Kingston
Prize: What every manly man needs... £100 worth of Superdry vouchers
Sponsor:  Boost Pay

The "Dirtiest Mo"
(there's always one!)

Winner: Dale Van Haltren
Prize: A bottle of the finest Tequila
Sponsor: Construct Australia

A massive thanks to everyone that took part this year, it's been one hell of a hairy roller coaster - what with nagging girlfriends and terrified children - but we got there in the end! Bring on Movember 2013!