Friday, 29 June 2012

The Best Aussie / Kiwi Pubs & Bars in London

We asked our guys at Construct to pick their top 5 antipodean pubs and bars in London and believe it or not, everyone had an opinion! Here it goes...

Belushi's, Hammersmith

Not only is this a great bar just 20 minutes from the heart of London, it’s also a fun hostel to stay at when you first arrive in town... with great food too. There's stuff happening every night and with its vibrant atmosphere, lively bar staff and great live music, Belushi's is the place to be!
  • Best Night: "Queen of the Floor" every Saturday - big tunes, big party

The Walkabout, Shepard's Bush(a.k.a. The Walkie)

This legendary bar is an Aussie/Kiwi drinkathon heaven, where will no doubt you'll be drinking a jug of the infamous “Snake Bite”. For those of you that haven't heard of that, it's half a pint of lager mixed with half a pint of cider and you can add a dash of blackcurrant cordial for a bit of sweetness and a touch of colour.

  • Best Night: Any night! But particularly when there's huge sporting game on or it's Anzac day

The Elk Bar, Fulham

This is another great sports bar in the heart of Fulham with an awesome selection of cocktails that are 2 for 1 everyday day from 5-8pm. They've got milkshake martinis, sweet shop shooter and of course, a whole heap of "proper cocktails" too!

  • Best Night: “We Love Mojitos" every Thursday - nothing beats £2.95 mojitos all night!

The Church, Clapham

The ultimate in debauchery and mischief, this place is not for the fainthearted or the lightweights that are just out for a social drink. Packed with mostly Aussies and Kiwis, it's an intense and interesting atmosphere with beer cans in plastic bags, all kinds of shows and did I mention the fancy dress awesomeness?

  • Best Night: Sunday (noon til 4pm) - when else do you go to Church?!

The Larrik Inn, Fulham

This is a great watering hole for watching all the major sports and the beauty is, these guys can show 4 different channels at a time. So if the rugby, cricket, football and whatever other mainstream sport from back home are all clashing, these guys will have it covered. And after the sports... there's live music!

  • Best Night: "Bra Friday" - donate your bra for 5 home-made shots... a very worthy cause

Just for the record, if it wasn't closed down for good, The Redback would have definitely got a mention... and not just because it's down the road from us!