Friday, 1 June 2012

For F***s Sake

FLAGS!!! What else would we be saying?!

Just in time for the Queen's Jubilee, we thought we'd help you get your Union Jack the right way up! So have a go... which of the 2 flags above is wrong?

Before I give away the answer, you should probably know what it symbolises to be flying the flag upside down on purpose. It can be as a distress signal but it's also Lèse-majesté, a direct insult on the Crown, which in theory is a crime in the UK and it's commonwealth!

So, which is the right way up.... it's the one held by the meerkat! In case you've already started celebrating the long weekend and can't spot the difference, take a look at the red and white diagonal on the top corner of the flag nearest the flagpole. The thicker white stripe needs to be on the top. Simples!

So get those flags out, don't break the law and have a great weekend!