Thursday, 5 April 2012

The New CSCS Test (Part 2)

CSCS are introducing 12 behavioural case study questions on The New CSCS Test - The questions are all about how you'd respond to health and safety situations on site.

The Test
You'll be given 3 case studies that follow the progression of a fictional person as they work in the construction industry. You'll need to answer 4 questions for each of these case studies, applying what you've just watched.

The key points from the video are:

5 things the site you are working on must do
1) know when you're on site
2) give you a site induction
3) give you site-specific information
4) encourage communication
5) keep you up-to-date and informed
5 things you must do
1) respect and follow the site rules
2) safety prepare each task
3) carry out each task responsibly
4) know when to stop (if you think anything is unsafe)
5) keep learning