Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The New CSCS Test (Part 1)

We've finally received our first batch of the new Health, Safety and Environment test books for operatives and specialists!

With only one week until the new test is rolled out, I've flicked through the book to find out what the main differences are.

New Structure
The old test had 40 knowledge questions and you were given 45 minutes to answer. The new test, still 45 minutes long, now has 50 questions: 38 knowledge questions (including questions on 2 new topics) and 12 behavioural case study questions.

New Knowledge Questions
The two new topics being introduced are:
- The Environment
- Respiratory Risks

Don't worry too much, there aren't loads of questions in each topic! The Environment section has 25 questions in total and Respiratory Risks has 21. I've also spotted a few questions that were hidden in other sections of the old book!

If you're not sure which book you need to get, you can read our blog post on CSCS Test Revision Material.

If you've studied hard and think you're ready to sit the test, have a go at these few questions I've picked out from the book: 
Practise Knowledge Questions

Behavioural Case Study Questions
The book recommends I watch a film called "Setting out - What you should expect from a site and what they expect from you" so... I'm going to grab some popcorn and come back to that in Part 2!