Monday, 4 May 2015

7 Things to Look for in a Recruitment Agency

When you're looking for a job, a recruitment agency can be your best friend. They take your CV, and they do the hard work for you. They match you with jobs, keep an eye out for new vacancies, and then organise interviews for you.

Yet you want to know that you're working with an agency that have your best interests at heart; an agency that want to help find the best role for you, as opposed to just trying to close a deal for commission as quickly as possible.

We've put together the top 7 things to look out for in a recruitment agency, so that you can be sure that you're working with one that will ultimately help you land your dream role.

1. Who are their clients?

When it comes to any agency, the clients they have will say a lot about their reputation. When it comes to construction find out what projects their candidates have been placed on and how long their clients have been working with the agency for. If the best in the business are going to them for recruitment purposes, it's likely that they'll be a reliable source for job hunting.

2. Look for ones that don't push jobs you don't want.

You want an agency that get in touch with relevant interviews and jobs. But if they approach you with a role you're not interested in, become pushy and won't take no for an answer, it's likely they need you to fill some kind of interview quota - This isn't the kind of agency that has your best interests at heart!

3. Is the advice they give useful?

They should be experts in their field, so if you need CV advice, career advice, or even advice on training for the construction sector. If they can't give it to you, then you know you need to start looking at a different agency.

4. Are they matching you with jobs you're interested in?

Just like some agencies may try to push you to fill quotas, some may not even be sourcing you the type of roles you're after. Construction is a varied sector, but if someone keeps pushing you towards fit out projects when you've told them you're only interested in high-end residential refurbs, then this isn't a good sign.

5. Are they trying to charge you?

No real agency should ever try to charge you for their services. This is true in any sector, construction or otherwise. If someone is trying to charge your fees, there's something shady going on!

6. Have they met you face-to-face?

Most good agencies will take the time to give you a call, and arrange for you to come into their office so they can get to know you a bit better. They might ask you to do some sort of psychometric test, which is a good sign that they're serious about matching you with the perfect role. We'd say be cautious about agencies that aren't interested in meeting you and focus on the ones who are taking the time to get to know you better.

7. Have you received any feedback?

So you found recruiter and they have a great vacancy that they've approached you with. You’ve gone for the interview. Then what happens? A decent agency will get in touch with you in the near future and provide you with any feedback. If it went well, you should know; and if it didn't, you should also know that too.