Monday, 21 April 2014

SuperBru Points Scoring System

Now that our NRL and Superugby pools are hotting up, we thought we should probably delve into the scoring system a little.

Win Point (WP)
The meat and bread of SuperBru. You'll score a Win Point if you correctly predict the outcome of a game (win/loss/draw), irrespective of margin.

The core Win Point value is usually 1 pt, but it does vary through the different stages of a tournament, increasing in value as picking the winner becomes harder.

Margin Point (MP)
The Margin Point rewards accuracy in margin: if your margin prediction is within 5 point(s) of the actual score margin, you'll pick up a MP worth 0.5 pts.

Unlike other points, the Margin Point can still be awarded if you get the outcome of the game wrong, but only if you are very close: within 5 points of the actual margin, but on the other side of the win boundary. E.g. you pick Eels by 2 but Cowboys win by 1. The Margin Range is 5 points either side of the actual margin, in this case from Eels by 4 to Cowboys by 6. You'll score a MP.

Bonus Point (BP)
The Bonus Point rewards the closest pick(s) in a given pool. It applies inside each pool only and does not count globally. This means whilst you could score the BP in one pool, you might not in another where someone else has made a better pick than you.

To qualify for a Bonus Point, you must have correctly predicted the outcome of the game (win/loss/draw). The BP is worth 1 pt. If two or more players share it, the point is divided up amongst them, down to a minimum split of 0.25.

Grand Slam Point (GSP)
The Grand Slam Point is awarded if you correctly predict the winner (or draw) in all the games in a round (for definition of our rounds, see the fixtures. You will only qualify if you picked all the games in the round and if you did not default on any of them.

Now you know the drill, there's no excuse for coming second!!

Also for all you football fans, we'll be doing a World Cup pool so keep an eye out!