Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Converting your Aus / NZ Driving License for the UK

This is a question we get asked quite often, so we've thrown together a quick post to help you through it!

Please note that these instructions only apply if you're driving a car or motorbike - If you're looking to to drive a lorry, bus or minibus you have to sit the UK theory and practical test.

For the first 12 months:
You're good to drive around the UK with your Aus / NZ driver's licence. No forms to fill, no fees to pay!

After a Year:
If you're here for over a year, you'll need to exchange your licence for a British licence. Naturally, now there's a form and a fee - but it's only £50!
  • Step 1: Order D1 Pack online from the DVLA
  • Step 2: Send the form, fee and any documents you need to (including your current driving licence) to the address on the form
3 weeks later, you should have your new licence!

When can you apply: As soon as you've been in the UK for 185+ days

How long will it last: Up to 5 years, as long as your licence remains valid

What happens after 5 years: Er... I'll come back to you on that one!

If you're need more help on this, or have a licence from a country other than Australia or New Zealand, visit: