Friday, 1 February 2013

Waitangi Day in London

February 6th is a date all Kiwis will know as a significant day in the history of NZ - Waitangi Day - And even though the national holiday doesn't quite reach us here in London – we've definitely got our own spin on it!

The celebrations over here are markedly different to those back home, so we caught up with Justin in the Construct office to see what the day means to him.
“Back home we recognise it as the day the Waitangi Treaty was signed between the native Maori & British in 1840. Although it has seen some colourful protests over the years, it is generally now treated as New Zealand’s day. To me, it means recognising our history and celebrating our dynamic cultures which makes us uniquely different but all the same as one. A day enjoying seafood, BBQ and NZ music plus Bob Marley with family and friends is a typical Waitangi day for me.
In the UK, it is a time to celebrate our identity even though we are halfway across the world. It is also celebrated very differently but equally as enjoyable with a Pub Crawl in NZ themed costumes along the Circle Line to Westminster Abbey”
If you’re looking to get involved in what’s probably the world’s largest unorganised pub crawl this Saturday, check out the Waitangi Day Pub Crawl Facebook Page.