Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Putting the LOL in London 2012

The Olympics have just kicked off but it's looking like London 2012 will be full of laughs so it's a good thing the British have a sense of humour!! Here are our hilarious highlights so far...

The weather was always going to be a problem:

Rainy Olympics

...But we had bigger problems before we even got to the Opening Ceremony in the women's football:
North South Korea Mix up

The Korean's weren't impressed, but I think everyone's enjoyed watching these diving classics:

And it wasn't just the divers:

Funny Gymnasitcs Photo

...You'd never catch the Queen making such faces:

The Queen at the Opening Ceremony

I guess a weird face is better than no face at all:

Talking of faces, luckily for this guy Spalding are official sponsors, or he wouldn't be allowed in:

Funny Basketball Fan

...Although some not-so-official merchandise has been spotted:

Brilliant! And that's not the only smart advertising we've spotted... Usain just got slammed!

Best Olympics Advert with Usain Bolt

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