Monday, 9 July 2012

"$ $ $... Always Sunny... in the Rich Man's World"

We're here to set the record straight - London's not as expensive as you think!

I know everyone thinks it, and of course if you're planning on living with the Queen you're probably right, but if you're living like regular people, it's actually cheaper than back home.

If you don't believe me, ask your mates who've come back after living and working in London recently. Or better yet, check out these price comparisons we've put together...

Food and Drink
(View in AUD)
Beer at a pub
Beer from an off licence
Bottle of wine (mid range)
McDonalds meal
Milk (1 litre)
Loaf of bread
Chicken breasts (1 kg )
Apples (1 kg)
Coke (12 cans)

Monthly Living Costs
Rent in a shared house (city centre)
Rent in a shared house (suburbs)
Internet bill (6Mbps, unltd data)
Mobile phone (300 mins, unltd texts)

Getting Around
One-way ticket
Monthly travel pass
I know it looks like transport's going to dig a huge hole your wallet, but trust me, you can get to any part of London without needing a car!

Other Stuff
Gym membership (monthly)
Pair of Nike shoes
Cinema ticket
Pack of cigarettes (Marlboro)

If that hasn't won you over, I might as well throw in that most of your medical care will be free under the NHS and it's really easy to find other Aussie/Kiwis over here!

P.S. No comment on the weather but I will say, you can buy a decent pair of gumboots for less than a cinema ticket... wherever you are!