Wednesday, 16 May 2012

The Worst Excuses for Missing Work

According to our friends at the Office for National Statistics, sick days dropped by 6 million last year, with coughs and colds being the most common cause. But I wonder how many of these sick days were fakes?

As a recruitment agency we hear all sorts of lame excuses for people skipping work so we thought we'd compile a list of the worst ones we've heard so far...

The Ugly Truth:
  1. "I thought today was Sunday?"
  2. "I'm still drunk from last night."
  3. "I had a dodgy kebab and been on the toilet all night."
  4. "I got locked up last night."
  5. "I've earned a day off."
The Terrible Lies:
  1. "I feel really bad, I think I'm coming down with a flu, got high temperature and been sick all night… but I'll be OK for tomorrow!"
  2. "I can't come to work, same reason as last week."
  3. "I have a doctor's appointment... oh no, a bank appointment... oh no, a dentist appointment!"
  4. "My mum surprised me and arrived at Heathrow this morning from Australia."
  5. "The dog ate my car keys. We’re going to hitch-hike to the vet."
.. And My Personal Favourite:
"My alarm slept in"
Unless my dog eats my keyboard, I'm sure I'll be back with some more of these soon!