Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Saving Chace

You might have already heard the story of Chace Topperwien, but just by you reading this post and sharing it with others, you'll be making an impact to his life.

Chace (pictured above) was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia (AML) just days before his 2nd birthday in March 2011.

He underwent a stem cell transplant in July 2011, after no bone marrow matches could be found for him worldwide, but in January doctors discovered Chace's AML relapsed and he only had months to live.

But Chace's parents (Keri and Ryan) refused to give up and found a promising new drug trial here in the UK. Left with no other option, they flew out with Chace for the trial at Royal Marsden Hospital.

The arrived here March 21st but got off to a bad start with complications leading to Chace needing surgery to fit new infusion lines on March 30th.

After days of waiting anxiously, Chace began the new drug transfusion yesterday - April 10th.

These desperate efforts are a gamble as the trial is expected to cost £220,000 and there is no guarantee Chace will respond to the drug which is meant to reduce the cancer, extending his life expectancy.

For the Topperwiens the point of the trial is to keep Chace alive long enough for a second bone marrow transplant which he is allegeable for in four month’s time.

So what can YOU do in those 4 months?
Help Raise Funds
The drug trials cost £220,000 and so far just over £60,000 has been raised (including the money raised last weekend's Maori vs Morris Men). That means, together, we need to raise another £160,000.
Find out if you can Donate Bone Marrow
With only 9000 Maori / Pacific Island donors on the bone marrow list, to date no-one with a close enough match for Chace has been found. There has to be someone out there so please spread the word!

To find out more about how you can support Chace's fight for his life and to follow his progress, visit