Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Maori vs Morris Men

What a dramatic boat race this Easter weekend? A rogue swimmer and broken oar caused an uproar but out of the water, our very own Tama Kingston took part in a very different battle.

Tama and a few of his Maori friends had arrived at their performance area at the 158th Oxford Cambridge boat race to raise awareness for Chace Topperwien - a 3 year old boy from New Zealand who has been suffering from a rare and aggressive form of leukaemia since March 2011. But how did the Hammersmith Morris men get involved?

Going along with the event's theme of "confusion", the Morris dancers group had been assigned the same performance spot. After hearing that the Mouri were collecting for Chace, who is currently waiting to undergo trials for a new drug in London, the Morris group not only let them perform first, but also put on a joint display for the crowds! Check out the Daily Mail's take on it all here.

Tama Kingston, one of Construct's account managers, said this about the performance:
"We started out with only three of us performing 2 traditional hakas (war dance) to the hundreds of people along the river bank, to stir interest in our valiant efforts to raise money for Chace. We were definitely out numbered by the Morris men but once they heard about our cause they kindly stepped aside... lucky for them! By the end of the day more of our friends had joined us to help perform and spread the message, which helped us raise £1,700 for the day".
Having not found a suitable bone marrow match for Chace and following an unsuccessful stem cell transplant in July 2011, Chace's last hopes remain in a new drug trial at the Royal Marsden Hospital in Surrey, or in the possibility that a suitable donor will be found.

To find out more about how you can support Chace's fight for his life and to follow his progress, visit SavingChace.com.