Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Anzac Day - from Australia to London

ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) day occurs on April 25th is one of the most important national days for both Australia and New Zealand. First marked in 1916, it commemorates those that have been killed in war as well as honouring returned servicemen and women.

I spoke to Construct's Queen-of-the-phones-Sarah to find out a bit more about how the day's honoured in Australia and here in London.
"Back home in Aus we'd be up early and make our way to an RSL (retired servicemen league) for a Dawn Service and afterwards you'd be able get 20 cent scooners (half pints of beer). Then you'd just spend the day drinking and playing Two-Up (a traditional gambling game) because it's only only legal on Anzac day!
Over here in London, a Dawn Service is held in Hyde Park, and I'm sure people will be meeting up with their fellow Aussies and Kiwis in places like the Elk bar, where they're having an Anzac Day BBQ."
Shame we can't get 20 cent scooners over here but let's hope the weather holds up for that BBQ and if not... time to attempt baking some Anzac biscuits!