Thursday, 29 March 2012

Construct's Biggest Loser

For the past month, the team at construct have been busy fighting the fat! Everyone got weighed in on the first day of the month and tomorrow we find out who's lost the most weight - the winner gets just over £100!

So what have our team been doing to give them a good shot at winning?

I spoke to a few of them to find out their tactics:

Justin - our carpentry consultant

Justin's hit the gym about 15 times this month and has been starving himself for past few days - he had 4 strawberries for dinner last night and is planning on eating nothing when he gets home tonight... Fun(!)

Sarah - our office manager

Sarah's been hitting the gym every morning this month (crazy or what?) and has been going most evenings too. From what I've seen at the office, she's been living of crackers and humus. She's planning on hitting the sauna tomorrow morning, as well as going to the gym.

Marc - the boss

Marc's main strategy was to eat more healthily all month and if that wasn't working, he's done a pretty job job at tempting the rest of the team with beers every Friday! As a last minute push, Marc ran a mile this morning.

But not everyone's taken it so seriously - while everyone's been hitting the gym and living off rabbit food, our labour consultant, Blake, has stayed loyal to fast food. He's even been eating his KFC at his desk and had McDonalds for dinner last night. In fairness, he has started cycling to and from work so he's still in with a chance!

Look out for the results tomorrow!