Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Rip-Off Training Companies Warning

Beware of rip-off training companies cashing in on the mining skills shortage misrepresentation.

Many training companies are cashing in on hard working Australians keen to up skill themselves for non-existent jobs wrongly touted by the various media, typically charging large sums of money for inductions and plant operator tickets to get people ‘job-ready’.

Hardly a day goes by where the public will not be informed by the media that the ever expanding mining industry is facing an insurmountable skills shortage but the fundamental word that has not been defined here is ‘skilled’. The mining companies define ‘skilled’ as someone who has the necessary skills and qualifications to perform an occupation as well as previous experience working on a mine site. The rest of the world understands skilled as someone with skills, qualifications and experience.

The stark reality is that for some occupations there is an overabundance of skilled, experienced people out of work and looking for the same opportunities that ‘newly qualified’ Greenskins are after. The top of these occupations are
  • Plant Operators
  • Trade Assistants
  • Electricians 
At the present time, no mining company will have difficulty in finding a person for any of the above occupations.

On the flip-side, if you are in an occupation that is highly desired, such as a mining engineer, geologist or have transferable skill sets (e.g. an experienced project manager with a history of delivering projects on time/budget), the cash rich mining companies will not bat an eyelid to put you through the necessary inductions.

If the training companies are affiliated with a company that can give you some degree of confidence that they can assist you with employment opportunities once qualified, they would be the better option to commit your cash to.